This is happening right now as Silicon Valley’s innovative spirit spreads across America. To be sure, the Bay Area remains the nation’s most vibrant tech center. For 20 years, Silicon Valley has increased its tech-related patent registrations by a power of 10. Instead of holding tight to top talent, however, Silicon Valley is spreading its seeds. Those floating away are planting themselves firmly in other metropolises. If you haven’t yet seen them bloom in your city, you will soon. More than two-thirds of tech workers now feel little or no need to live in the Bay Area. They’re buzzing eastward, finding opportunities in the Midwest, Northeast, and South — and everywhere in between. 2017s tech meccas looking to overthrow Silicon ValleyWhere are these fertile fields attracting tech entrepreneurs and teams? Here’s a hint: They’re not the places you might expect. 1. Salt Lake City, Utah Read More: