Pantry Organizing Tips for Home Cooks

Cooking at home is a great way to embrace your creative side, have control over the healthiness of your foods and save money. If you’re a home cook, you know that having a quality kitchen space can make your kitchen tasks smoother and more enjoyable. Thankfully, a stress-free kitchen doesn’t require a fancy remodel. Getting your pantry organized is one step that can pay dividends in your space; these pantry organizing tips for home cooks are sure to make your next meal fun and simple to cook from start to finish.

Start With a Declutter

Decluttering is an essential step to ensure your pantry is well-curated. Eliminate foods that you don’t use or are expired. Toss any old items and donate any unopened ones to ensure you have the space to easily access the foods that you do use. This will save you time each time you reach into the pantry.

Create Zones

Creating zones is an essential part of any organizing plan, and your pantry is no exception. divide your pantry into zones based on the frequency of use or the type of ingredients. designate one area for baking supplies, another for canned goods, one for breakfast items and one for snacks. While your zones may vary based on your regular purchases, these are great zones to get you started.

Prioritize Eye-Level Spaces

Prioritize these eye-level spaces only for the ingredients that you access every day. Keep in mind that eye level is different for each member of your household, so organize by the height of the person most often cooks. Consider putting kids’ snacks on the lower shelves so they can easily access them whenever needed.

Install Door Organizers

Take advantage of the space on the back of your pantry door by installing door organizers or racks. This will allow you to use baskets or bins to corral loose items. This can be a perfect place to put things like individually packaged snacks, seasoning packets, mixes or recipe books.

Decant and Label

The dry goods in your pantry often come in bulk containers of varying shapes and sizes. Make it easier to organize and store, as well as, ensure that your items are sealed airtight by decanting your dry goods into clear containers or jars. label each container appropriately and you can easily see what you have at a glance, which helps to prevent overbuying or forgetting about ingredients.