Design Choices You’ll Regret

Whether you’re an experienced homeowner or a first-time buyer, you have likely made some design decisions you’ve regretted throughout your homes. Thankfully, many design regrets are universal, so they’re an opportunity to learn from others’ mistakes. Here’s a compilation of common design regrets that you can do instead.

Not Testing the Paint

Selecting the paint color based on photos you’ve seen of the paint in someone else’s space or even the color in the paint deck is a sure way to end up with a room that is a very different color than you intended. Testing the paint on the walls is the best way to ensure the color is what you envisioned for the room. Applying the paint to different areas of the room and assessing the color during various times of the day will give you the best idea of the paint’s actual color in the room.

Ordering Wallpaper in Separate Orders

Ordering the correct number of wallpaper rolls is crucial because the wallpaper needs to be printed at the same time. This means the room measurements must be exact so you don’t under order. If you fall short and need to order a few additional rolls, the color of the wallpaper may be off, which can ruin the entire aesthetic of the space.

Selecting the Wrong Size Drapery

Drapery can transform a room, and selecting the wrong size can be costly. Hanging the drapery above the window casing and extending it past the ends can create the illusion of more oversized windows and a higher ceiling. The bottom of the drapery panels should graze the floor.

Undersizing the Rug

A room with a rug that’s too small can end up feeling small, and something in the room is off. A rug that allows for at least the front legs of the chairs and sofas to be on the rug is the best way to ensure that the rug is large enough.

Selecting Upholstery That Doesn’t Align With Your Lifestyle

Many beautiful upholstery options come in various stunning colors, patterns and materials. However, if you have a busy household, selecting performance fabrics is the wisest choice for keeping these pieces in excellent condition.

Waiting to Make Updates to a House After Moving In

Buying a new home will likely need some design updates to personalize it to your taste. If some updates include updating the flooring or painting, completing them before you move in is ideal. Refinishing the wood floors or replacing the carpet before all your furniture is in will be much easier than moving the furniture after you live in the home.

Following Trends

Any time you go all in on trends, you’ll regret these purchases and decisions sooner rather than later. Whether you’re selecting paint colors or furniture pieces based on the latest trends, it’s best to skip trends altogether and select timeless options that will age well with your home if you find yourself drawn to a particular trend, lean into smaller pieces such as an accent pillow in a trendy pattern, or a few shelf decor pieces that have the trending lines.