Pros and Cons of Installing an In-Ground Pool

A backyard, in-ground pool can make any day feel like a vacation. It’s the perfect spot to squeeze in some morning laps, cool down mid-week after work and lounge poolside over long, leisurely weekends. As idyllic as an in-ground pool sounds, it can come with upkeep, safety and cost challenges. However, what may be an upside for some households may be a downside for others. If you’re thinking of installing an in-ground pool, consider the pros and cons before you make your decision.

Pros of an In-Ground Pool

Offers you Privacy

Having your own pool means you don’t need to go to a club to cool off and enjoy a day of swimming. You can walk into your own backyard and dive right in.

You Set the Opening and Closing Date

Whether it’s a public or private pool, most pools open Memorial Day weekend and close Labor Day weekend. If you have your own pool in your backyard, you can choose to open and close the pool as early and late in the year as you want. You could even swim in early November if your area has an unseasonably warm autumn.

Affords you Design Freedom

Many design details go into a beautifully designed in-ground pool. If you have visions of your dream pool, there are many ways to create a true backyard oasis, from the shape of the pool, the color of the pool floor, the stone, lighting options, water features, landscaping, seating and more.

Provides an Activity for Guests

If you enjoy hosting, there’s nothing better than a pool party in the summer. The pool will provide the entertainment; you’ll simply need to provide snacks and a playlist.

Serves as a Backdrop for Memories

Summertime is a lovely time of year for making memories. Making them in your backyard, surrounded by family and friends, makes it even sweeter. A backyard pool is one way for your family to look back on those treasured years of pool parties with family and friends.

Adds a Resort-Worthy Element to Your Backyard

A beautifully appointed backyard pool can feel like a resort in your backyard. From lounging around the pool, floating in the pool and viewing the pool from the home’s interior, a beautifully maintained in-ground pool can elevate your home’s entire exterior.

Cons of an In-Ground Pool

Associated High Installation and Maintenance Expenses

Installing a pool can be costly. The cost will continue to rise for every additional element you add, such as lighting and water features like waterfalls. In addition to the installation expense, an in-ground pool requires ongoing maintenance expenses, including cleaning, repairs and monitoring water quality.

Higher Insurance Premiums

Homeowners with in-ground pools often have higher insurance premiums. This may include insurance to protect the pool from damage and for any potential injuries associated with pool ownership.

Requires Frequent Cleaning

Pools require extensive maintenance to keep the water and gutters free from debris. Skimming the pool and testing the chemicals several times a day, regularly vacuuming the pool, cleaning the gutters and surrounding areas and maintaining the filter are all tasks to keep a pool working optimally. Weighing the pros and cons of installing an in-ground pool can help you feel confident that you’re making the right decision for your house.