What Guests will Remember About Your Home


When designing and curating a home, you’ll select the elements, pieces, colors and textures that resonate best with you. As you choose these various elements, it’s also important to consider how guests will feel when they enter your home. This may mean something different to everyone. Maybe you want your guests to walk in and instantly feel at ease. Or, you may want a home that feels high-energy and fun and where guests know they will have a good time. Alternatively, you may want a home with a quiet luxury designed to impress. No matter the feeling you want your home to have, it’s up to you to set the tone as you create your spaces. Read on for the top elements guests will remember about your home long after they’ve left.

The Scent (or Lack Thereof)

The best scent a home can have is no scent at all. Eliminating odors throughout the house is the first step to creating a blank slate. Regularly cleaning the disposable, upholstery and carpet can help to keep odors at bay; additionally, keeping the sink free of dirty dishes, putting away shoes, regularly emptying the garbage cans and not allowing wet clothes or linens to linger are additional ways to lessen unpleasant odors. Once the home is odor-free, you can layer in your preferred scent, such as candles or diffusers.

The Sounds

Walking into a house with a curated soundtrack feels like its own experience. Whether your playlist is consistent and guests can always know what to expect, or if it’s a different soundtrack for every occasion, a house that plays good tunes instantly creates a memorable setting.

If There’s Clutter

Every household has some element of clutter. It’s a sign of a house filled with life and activities. However, there’s a difference between a few neat piles on the counter, clutter that fills every surface, shoes strewn all over and laundry that awaits folding.

The Scale of the Rooms

The average guest won’t be able to identify that the scale of your items is incorrect specifically, but they may feel like something in the room feels off. The correct scale means ensuring the rug is large enough for the space, the furniture and light fixtures are the proper size and the art is hung at the ideal height.

Unique Pieces That Catch Their Eye

Whether it’s a piece of statement furniture with a unique shape or bold upholstery print or pattern, unique art or one-of-a-kind decorative accents, these unique to-your-home elements will set it apart from your neighbors down the street.

The Entryway Details

The entryway or foyer makes a first impression, so this is the space to showcase your home’s design style and give a preview of what the rest of the home looks like. From wallpaper to statement lighting, your favorite art pieces and fresh flowers or greenery, this first impression can also make a lasting impression.

Upgraded Builder Details

There are many little details that go into making an ordinary house an extraordinary home. Unique hardware, such as kitchen cabinet pulls, can instantly elevate the cabinetry while investing in beautiful light fixtures instead of recessed lighting can completely transform a room. Or, if you’re updating the hardwood flooring, select a subtle pattern, such as herringbone, to elevate the space from the ground up.